How to Optimize Photos and Images to Increase SEO Rankings

A recent fashion boutique client of mine was asking about optimizing their new product line images for search engine optimization efficiency.

Woman Wearing Brown Boots

Now if you’ve ever use Google or Bing image search thing you’ve seen optimize photos action. So when this question was posed I immediately told the client that search engine optimization (SEO) for images is extremely important in having their products found by their target audience online.

Picture this, you’re looking for pair of boots but not just any boots; you’re searching for a pair of women’s brown all weather cowboy boots. If you type this into Google search you would end up with 135,000 search results. The problem with so many results is that you have to go into each individual link and see whether not is the boots that you are looking for. However, if you type the search into Google images you will end up with 39,800 results and be able to visually see the boots without having to go into each individual website. See the boot you are looking for and clicking it will bring you right to the product page for easy purchase.

Each image that is displayed is based upon the product brand name, color and style.

The visual representation of the products is conveyed to the search engines with the knowledge that search engine algorithms are blind images and photos. When you use an “alt tag” or place the product information in the image name you are helping the search engine to “see” the product or image. By doing so, you are then allowing the search engine to convey properly the product and its elements to the target market.

Sure, you can use the “alt tag” to display keywords that are unrelated to the product type and increase SEO with alternate keywords but that leaves your image naked. Image optimization should be used to highlight the character properties of the product to the target market. Ultimately, optimizing for the search engines image search allows you to optimize for the humans. And, as we know, humans are the ones buying your products – not search engines. Make it easy for them to find and purchase the products they are looking for with “Photo SEO”.

Have you used image optimization for search engine results? What was the outcome?


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