Penguin Proof Black Hat SEO Scam Alert

Imagine that you just opened your email box to find an email that catches your attention.

Black Hat SEO and Google Penguin Army

The subject reads “Advanced Link Building Solution” and you can’t help but feel intrigued to read the email. You know you need more links to your website in order to increase your website’s SEO and this just may be the solution to all your problems. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, friends. It’s a Black Hat SEO Scam and even my own inbox wasn’t immune to it.

If you receive an email similar to what’s posted below, please do not fall prey to this scam:

“We have created an advanced link building solution which is Penguin proof. Our solution addresses the fundamental problem caused by Penguin update. We focus on unique IP growth coming from various networks, anchor tag diversity, natural contextual links, and link type diversity which is not created using your typical black hat SEO software.”

Black Hat SEO Scam Red Flags

Many people I know receive more than a handful of these a day. Usually, if the solution is too good to be true, it usually is. They know link building is one of the foundational pieces to a solid SEO strategy but it is a long process. By guaranteeing that it will be easy and quick, they are using your emotions to override logic. To help, here’s a few too good to be true SEO red flags:

  1. Penguin Proof Link Building – There is nothing that is Google proof or algorithm proof just as it is impossible to guarantee the #1 ranking in Google. Algorithms change and there’s even a huge Google Penguin SEO change coming in the next few weeks to help eliminate black hat link building techniques. (I’ll be writing about that next week.) Because things change so much in SEO, there is no such thing as a guarantee success – there is only guaranteed quality work.
  2. Your Typical Black Hat SEO Software – Look at the way this term is used. Logically speaking, they are admitting they are a Black Hat SEO Software Company because they are not “typical”. A solid red flag there!
  3. Originating Email – I didn’t disclose the email address of the company but it is from a email account. If a company is not willing to send an email from their own domain, they are hiding something. Never go with any SEO consultant, strategist, agency or expert when his or her email comes from a free service. Ethical companies will always use their own domain email addresses.
  4. The Name of Sender – Again, I didn’t disclose his name but it doesn’t matter because it was sent from “Jason K”. How many guys with the name Jason, and last initial “K”, do you think there are in the world? Again, if they aren’t willing to be upfront with their information, they are hiding something.

Your Reaction to SEO Scam Emails

If you receive one of these emails, the best action is to do nothing at all. When you reply, you are giving them your direct email address, which can open a whole separate, can of SEO worms.

  • Don’t click any links
  • Mark the email as spam
  • Move it to your trash
  • Continue on with your day

Don’t get annoyed or let it steal your joy. Sadly, this will most likely not be the last time you get one of these emails but at least you won’t fall for their trap.

Question: Did you receive this same email? How many of these of these scams do you receive in a month? What action do you take?

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