How to Rank in Google For Your Own Name (Infographic)

Have you noticed people showing up on Google’s search engine results page under their own name? Do you know where you rank for your own name?

Brand Yourself Google Results

Of course you do!

The team at BrandYourself knew you would say that so they put together this great infographic on the “Breakdown of a Person’s Google Results. How People Look in Google – And How to Look Better”.

Check it out! After all, Google is your first impression.

The most interesting “Google Yourself” statistics:

  • 1 Billion names are searched in Google every day
  • 94% of people only look at the first page of Google results
  • Most people don’t have positive content on the first page
  • Only 50% of people own their first result

How to fix your Google name ranking:

Want to Look Better in Google Infographic

Where do you rank for your own name on Google’s search results page? Have any suggestion for others? Post a comment.


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