SEO Still #1 for Online Business Lead Generation

With all the changes online, you are probably wondering the best way to connect with your target marketing.

Top SEO for ROI

I’m going to be honest and tell you that the Internet landscaping is changing for businesses. What worked 5 or 10 years ago will not work exactly the same as today. When you really think about it, what worked last year is also slowly dwindling away and leaving many businesses confused with their online marketing.

Do Facebook “Likes” really affect your search engine rankings? How about your Twitter account? How is that website of yours coming along? Do you blog every day? Do you need to blog every day? How about your Foursquare business listing? Is your head spinning yet?

Don’t get discouraged – just get wise. Indeed, even SEO (search engine optimization) is changing – with over 200 algorithmic changes to Google’s search engine platform in this year alone. But don’t give up on SEO altogether. It may be changing but SEO is still the #1 lead generator online, followed by social media and e-mail. Why? Done correctly, SEO is a targeted strategy to connect and engage with customers on her or her own terms and preferred platform.

Marketing Sherpa Lead Generation Chart 2012

The rules have changed by the core foundation of each lead generator is still the same. It all comes down to understanding your target market (or client) and providing them with the products or services to solve his or her problem.

With Human SEOtm business strategies, your business is brought to your target market for the right reasons – to engage and build a relationship that leads to the success of both the business and the client.


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