The Importance of SEO in Social Media

Social media popularity is growing exponentially and has become an unstoppable power for businesses and individuals equally.

SEO and Social Media One-Two Punch

It is a crucial part of building relationships and connecting with friends, catching up with family and even learning further about companies, their products and services.

Millions of people use Twitter, Facebook and further social networking websites to inform everyone on the planet what is on their mind. Social media networks operate as mini websites to communicate the particular product or message of the sender. That makes one wonder: What are they saying about you and what can you do to corner your market segment online?

Enter Search Engine Optimization!

As defined by Social Media Buzz, “the technique of SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, aids in increasing website traffic from search engines by optimizing the website for specific keywords.” Using the method of SEO allows individuals and the customers to easily discover and distribute information online.

SEO utilizes keywords and link building, which are the food for search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing/MSN. Without a well-defined SEO strategic plan to execute these workings accurately, the chances for online success are reduced greatly. Breadcrumbs have to be placed strategically to guide the niche market to the business in order to continue management of a company’s message and product.

SEO to drive Social Media

Some would disagree that SEO is no longer applicable while social media not only lives but also continues to grow at a swift rate globally. While SEO is not the end-all of victory on the Internet, only through merging SEO with social media can a business truly discover success.

“The true potential for massive reward comes when someone who really understands the value of conversation in social media comes together with someone who understands the technical aspects of search engine optimization. Otherwise, we have campaigns that miss their full potential. Yes, they’ll do well and yes, they’ll bring on more business, but if you pay attention to both sides of the equation, you’ll increase the impact of your campaign dramatically.” (Search Engine Guide)

Even though social media is growing rapidly, search engine traffic is responsible for around 70% of all web site visits – depending on your brand identification and market, of course. Utilizing SEO keyword motivated social media efforts increases business publicity through link authority and increased search engine ranking (SER).

Becoming an authority leader in specific product or service is the means to increasing the brand consciousness and return on investment (ROI) on the Internet. Social networks permit you to include original subject matter specific to your brand and meet your customers where they reside: in their homes, offices or even while traveling.

Regularly adding new and engaging SEO rich online material is one of the most cost-effective processes of being noticed by the Tier I search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. The enhanced publicity through search engines, brand authority, quality content and engaging communications draws high quality guests to your website and raise business invention and retention.

In the end, marrying SEO and social media enhances customer experience with your brand and company ROI in a way that cannot be achieved through social media strategy unaided.


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