SEO Link Building: How to Get Your Website from Good to Great

If you feel overwhelmed while trying to improve your online marketing presence for your eCommerce shop or business website, then learning some link building techniques will definitely help.

Next Level SEO: Fish Jumping

Link building is a simple SEO strategy that creates incoming links to your website through external websites and the search engines. It’s simple because, with a few solid SEO best practices in place, the on-page links stand out to visitors (and search engine spiders) as juicy content they are compelled to engage.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Link Building for SEO

1) Targeted Anchor Text – Within hyperlinks, include the keywords that appear on the titles of each product or service you offer. Each link should be unique and quickly identifiable. Do not stuff keywords in this area as it may look like keyword spam. Make sure to use text hyperlinks, with keywords, between your products, services, and pages.

2) Check Out The Competition – Analyze the link building campaigns of your competitors to get ideas as to where you should acquire links for your online eCommerce shop or business website. You do not want to copy them – just research where there are high quality sources of incoming links.

3) Think Outside the Main Homepage – Links to your main web page are good but links that point directly to product or service landing pages are better. By building links to eCommerce landing pages, you are bringing your target market to a page that provides a solution to his or her problem. Not only does this increase your conversion but it also gives the search engine spiders other product or service specific keywords to index.

Link building is one of the three (3) most influential SEO strategies that exist. This is because a website that contains optimized links is specific, fresh, and socially friendly. To achieve top search engine rankings, on such as sites as Google, Yahoo and Bing, it is crucial that your business website utilize clean and solid link building SEO strategies or get buried by the competition.

Question: If you could name one frustration about link building, what would it be and why?

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