SEO Tip: Optimizing for JavaScript and Image Menus

If you absolutely must use JavaScript drop down menus, image links or image maps in your website design, then you must be sure to put text links somewhere on the website (or in the template) for the search engine spiders to follow.

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Let me explain.

That cool website with all the bells and whistles may come at the cost of your search engine rankings (SER).

What’s the point of making a cool website if no one can find it?

The Cause

Search engines are blind to JavaScript, image links or image maps. When faced with any of these three culprits, the search engine spider will simply ignore that particular code and move on through the website for any quality content to chew on and share on its search engine results page (SERP). So, if all your links are in one of these three formats, the search engine spiders won’t follow any links in that code.

The Solution

Not to fear. This doesn’t mean you need to redesign your entire website.

Since the search engine spiders cannot see these tidbits of code, you need to supply them with text links that they can more easily follow. Spread the text links throughout the content on your website or place them in strategy places in your template. However, do note that where you place these links on your page does influence the weight of the link as far as the search engines are concerned. The higher in the code a link, the more weight it will have when that search engine spider comes looking for link juice.



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