SEO Tip: What Color is Your Lightsaber? (Infographic)

Think search engine optimization (SEO) is boring? It usually is when you hire a big agency to do your SEO strategy or consulting.

Pandas with Light Sabers

You hear all the talk about white hate vs. black hat SEO tactics and quality content vs. link buying. Your head is probably spinning from all the SEO jargon.

Luckily, there was someone out there that decided SEO is like the Force and all can be explained without Jedi mind tricks.

What a brilliant infographic from Angie Schottmuller over at Search Engine Watch!

SEO Wars Infographic

So, now there are 3 questions to answer:

  1. What color is your lightsaber?
  2. Is your SEO working on the light-side or dark-side of the force?
  3. Is your website conveying a sense of peace or war?

If your SEO needs to be converted to the good side, I’d be happy to help.

May the SEO force be with you!


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