3 Reasons to Shoot Your Web Designer

Let’s have a word about your website’s design. Is it keeping both the search engines and your target market away from your website before giving it an opportunity to convert?

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If you think it’s time to have a conversation with your web designer, then you will want to read these top signs that your web designer may be killing your online market presence.

A Little Background on Design

You’re website should be simple. That’s it. Any type of business website – eCommerce, blog, service-based – should be clean and simple. You need to balance the look of your website with search engine optimization (SEO) and calls to action (CTA). Never distract someone that has taken the time to visit your website.

The page layout needs to be goal-oriented. Always highlight your key takeaways from the website with a powerful headline that compels visitors to want to know more.

Potential customers should never have to think too hard to find what they’re looking for on the website. Is your business website’s navigation easy to follow? Are they too image heavy and throttle the website load time? This turns off both people and the search engine robots.

Is it Time to Shoot Your Web Designer?

If your business website is not showing positive conversions or isn’t being indexed by the search engines properly, then it’s time to look at what anti-SEO factors may be killing your website.

  1. Flash – Did your web designer suggest a fully Flash-based website? A Flash-coded website is based mostly in animated motion graphics and has a splash screen. This type of website may be pretty but the search engines can’t read anything on-page and your website isn’t mobile SEO friendly. It’s all pretty but has no substance.
  2. Frame Pages – Do people really still create frame pages? Sadly, they do. In the case of frames, your website content is not really on the page but hidden from the search engines. Again, this is very bad for SEO.
  3. Templates – First, let me say that there’s a difference between templates and themes. A theme is a skin of a website whereas template is a cookie cutter page. There’s no human SEO experience to lead to conversion.

If you want to love your web designer, then talk about expert content first and design second. Becoming an authority in your target market or niche is more important that the design. There are hundreds of websites that have no images but have huge success. Create informational pages of all kinds to draw in the traffic, then think about making the website pretty.

Question: Have you found a website that is a huge success without all the glitz? Be sure to tell us about it in your comment below and share your wisdom with others.


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