The Best Way to Engage Your Users for Success (Infographic)

Do you know the best way to engage your users, clients and visitors online for success? Have your online marketing strategies been working for your website, business or blog?

Social Engagement Success

If not, then take a look at this great study to see what ranks highest for online success.

Shortstack compiled a study of 800 people to find out which online marketing strategies work and which should be abandoned. From contests to photos and custom apps to videos – check out the results and see where your strategies can use a little reinforcing.

Most Interesting Online Engagement Data

  • 71% of administrators use photos to entice their audience
  • Only 11% have a social media strategy that they think is “awesome
  • 17% say their social media strategy is terrible
  • 38% have never tried a contest

Remember, the higher the rate of your engagement online, the more viral your content becomes. Increased sharing helps your SEO search engine rankings.

Read on for other great data to help you succeed online…

How to Engage Users Infographic

Where does your engagement rank?


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