5 Killer Strategies to Help You Dominate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Do you want to improve your social reach, increase your fan engagement, identify and engage influencers, increase lead generation, and apply analytics to know what works?

Big 3 Online Success

Then Awareness, Inc. has created the infographic that you’ve been waiting for!

Just use this quick-start guide to start your social media-marketing plan or to give you ideas for a social media plan already in progress. Wisdom is always welcome when it comes to your online success, right?

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Big 3 Awareness Success Inforgraphic

#1. Improve your social reach

  1. Complete and update your profiles.
  2. Integrate your keywords throughout.
  3. Add social icons to all non-social stuff.
  4. Add buttons to content to promote sharing.
  5. Find influencers and interact with them.
  6. When people talk to you – talk back!
  • Facebook: Use cover and profile pictures creatively.
  • YouTube: Have a video on your home page helps with SEO too!
    • Tag and title videos with keywords.
    • Use educational over promotional titles.
    • Submit a video sitemap to search engines.
  • Twitter: Use social reach…
    • Use #hashtags.
    • Register in directories.
    • Build a compelling profile.
    • Follow relevant influencers.
    • Be consistent with your posts.

#2. Increase your fan engagement

  1. Develop creative, non-promotional content.
  2. Aim to strike a chord; be funny, controversial, empathetic or informational.
  3. Above all, be genuine and relevant.
  • Facebook: 
    • Publish daily.
    • Check insights for engagement stats.
    • Ask questions / solicit opinions.
    • Use rich media: videos, photos, or links.
    • Engage with fans, post comments, say hello.
  • YouTube:
    • Create playlists.
    • Keep videos short / break into series.
    • Don’t be too promotional.
    • Encourage audience ideas.
    • Show your brand’s personality.
  • Twitter:
    • Create fun content.
    • Run fun contests.

#3. Identify and engage influencers

  1. Identify top users
  2. Identify top marketers
  3. Reward them
  • Facebook: Smartpak used Facebook to identify a small group of top-tier influencers and used them to help design highly targeted social campaigns.
  • YouTube: Sephora partnered with industry insiders from well-known fashion magazines to offer “insider beauty tips: for one of their YouTube channels.
  • Twitter: Disney partnered with Savvy Auntie (for non-parents with special kids in their lives) to promote the new release of Pinocchio through Twitter.

#4. Increase lead generation

  1. Practice active monitoring so you can respond and be helpful.
  2. Serve content based on customer needs.
  3. Monitor feedback of customers, competitors and employees and adjust accordingly.
  4. Mix paid with grassroots methods.
  • Facebook: Forrester attracts potential customers to their sales funnel by offering free content; converting visitors into leads.
  • YouTube: Regus, an office space providers, boosted leads by depicting challengers faces by their customers in humorous ways. Leads rose by 30% and revenue by 114%.
  • Twitter: 8th Continent Soymilk monitored competitor buzz and offered coupons to dissatisfied customers. The online coupons earned a 39% redemption rate.

#5. Apply analytics to know what works

  1. Growth of followers.
  2. Quality of content to engage internal and external influencers.
  3. Campaign effectiveness in driving sales and leads.
  • Analytics Tools:
    • Google Analytics
    • Omniture
    • Pixability Online Video Grader
  • Google URL Builder: A great tool for tracking performance at a campaign level. Custom URLs can be made by channel and by post.

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