The 5 New Blogging Tips to Grow Your Readership

As in any area of business, there are old practices, which will stagnate growth, and new methods that will increase brand awareness and authority.

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People who follow the old rules are known as “Cobbler’s Children” – they may understand what it takes to succeed but they are hard pressed to implement it in their own business. Don’t let your blog become known under such a term of endearment. Now is the time to break free from the old blogging rules and grab the attention of your readers.

5 New Blogging Rules to Increase Readership

  1. Stop Blogging Every Day. Unless you have something great topic to write about or some witty commentary, there is no need to update your blog every day with a new post. Over time, the author becomes bored with his or her subject matter and the copy lacks the energy and passion it once had. Hold out for creativity to strike – for your readers will wait for those blog posts that blow them away.
  2. Write as long as you need to make your point. The length of your post isn’t as important as the quality of the blog post. If you need to write a long blog post to get your point across and convey your passion for the topic, then go long. However, if you do happen to write a long article, make sure it is easy to skim and contains a good deal of white-space to keep your reader’s eyes from getting tired.
  3. Link and link often in your articles as long as the links are relevant to the topic. Show that you are a team player and you want to engage your readers in all sides of the topic. Write clean links to other relevant web sites, articles and supporting information for you never know who will link back to you.
  4. Don’t determine your success by page views. Share your information through RSS feeds, email subscriptions, social media bookmarking and cross-content publishing. Engaging the right people, spreading information and building relationships measure success. Make your blog posts and data available everywhere your readers are communicating.
  5. No one is perfect nor do they have all the answers. A blogger engages his or her readers and shares knowledge. It is not about being right all the time – the social media networks and communities love real human beings that are not perfect. Admit when you are wrong. If you don’t know an answer to a question, research the answer for your readers or direct them to someone that does know the answer. Build the conversation – teach and learn from your readers.

These are just some of the blogging tips that good bloggers use when building their readership. Which ones are you following?



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