The Importance of Keyword Rich Domains

It should come as no surprise that even Google has had enough with overzealous keyword rich domains.

Keyword Rich Domains

When used correctly, keyword rich domains can help a business or brand elevated search engine rankings through white hat search engine optimization (SEO). However, there are too many scrupulous characters (calling themselves “SEO Experts”) that inundate us with keyword rich domains that have absolutely nothing to do with the brand or personality of a person or company.

Google has taken aim at these unethical keyword rich domain names.

Google’s own Matt Cutts said he would look at keyword match domains earlier this year. In March 2011, Matt posted a video about the importance of keywords in domain names and how they affect search engine rankings.

I’ll let Matt Cutts tell you more in his video. There’s nothing like getting it straight from the search engine’s mouth.

Do you keyword rich domain names? What has been your experience?


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