Can You Recognize the New Face of SEO? (Infographic)

Have you noticed all the changes in SEO over the last year? Most business website owners don’t realize the vast number of changes until they see the website’s page rank plummet.

The New Face of SEO Image

While SEO is still very much a technical strategy, a significant degree of SEO is becoming more creative marketing and social influence. As this artistic infographic shows, it’s time to think about your website’s audience before you optimize it for search engines.

Where SEO Was and Where It’s Going

The direction of search engine optimization (SEO) is changing and it’s time to learn how to align your digital marketing activities with these changes.

Some notable changes:

  • Website design is no longer separate from SEO as user experience is #1.
  • No longer are we writing for search engines. Content has to compel your target market.
  • It’s time to come out of the closet and let your audience know the real you.
  • Link building is now link and brand diversity; turning the audience into brand champions.
  • Social influence is now the keystone of online business success.

Read on to see how on-site optimization, link building and, off-site SEO has changed. Special attention should also be given to the “New SEO Team”. It looks a lot like Human SEOtm, doesn’t it?

The New Face of SEO Post Panda Penguin

Question: What changes have you seen to SEO and how has it impacted your website? Have you started to implement a more human approach in order to get others to know, like and trust your brand?

Be sure to tell us about it in your comment below and share your wisdom with others.

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