Welcome Google Search Console: The New Webmaster Tools

Just when you think you have a handle on the search engine world, Google goes and changes things again. Introducing the Google Search Console – the new Webmaster Tools.

Google Search Console

We aren’t all webmasters. Many website owners are small business owners, hobbyists, marketers, programmers, app developers, website designers, and SEO experts.

That’s where Google Search Console comes in.

What is Google Search Console?

“For nearly ten years, Google Webmaster Tools has provided users with constantly evolving tools and metrics to help make fantastic websites that our systems love showing in Google Search. In the past year, we sought to learn more about you, the loyal users of Google Webmaster Tools: we wanted to understand your role and goals in order to make our product more useful to you.” (Google, May 20th, 2015)

Your deepest desire is to ensure that your website and content are not only findable through Google Search, but also to have them get found at the top of the search engine rankings. To make sure that they provide a product that includes everyone who cares about their search engine rankings, they’ve rebranded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console.

Are There Any Changes in The Google Service Console?

Not at this time.

You will still be able to use this service to diagnose and improve your website’s visibility in the search engines – just as you did before.

However, my hope that this is the first step in an even more robust product to help every business and brand really stand out and get found online. Stay tuned here for any updates!

Setting Up a Website on Google Service Console

If your website is already set up under Google Webmaster Tools, there is nothing you need to do on your end. This is just a rebrand and will not affect your current setup.

If you haven’t already set up your site, then head on over to Google Search Console today and “Add A Property” to get started. Then make sure to verify your website (using their directions) to link your website properly.

Image courtesy of Shannon K. Steffen.


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