How to Survive the Next Google Algorithm: Link Building

No one likes to get penalized; especially when they don’t even know what you did wrong in the first place.

3 Link Tips to Make Google Happy

If you want to avoid the Google penalty box, you need to keep your website’s link building strategy clean. Here are some simple tips to steer clear of Google coming down on you.

Google already admits that, as new SEO algorithms get deployed, links will become devalued over time. This is because they are finding other ways of evaluating the uniqueness, relevance, and timeliness of website content.

Don’t discount those links yet! Google will still be using them as an indicator of your website’s page rank. Here’s how to clean up your link act and make Google happy.

3 Link Building Tips to Make Google Happy

1. Clean Up Your Link Act

Now is the time to remove or disavow spam-related links. Unnatural link strategies alert Google’s Penguin Algorithm to link schemes that game the system. Such links include:

  • Links from non-reputable websites.
  • Links from comment spam.
  • Directory links, in content farms, pointing to your website.
  • Keyword stuffing both outbound and inbound links.
  • Links from websites that Google’s deemed spam.

If you have any of the above, begin by requesting a link removal from the offending websites. If that doesn’t work, then use Google’s disavow tool to have them removed at the search engine source.

2. Find Higher Value Links

Don’t look at link quantity but, rather, link quality. Creating great content is a highly effective way of building links to your website. Google loves authority and industry experts.

Attract links through social media networks, your online (people) network, and highly reputable websites. The key here is that your attracted your links and not begging for them. Start with your friends and get that exposure!

3. Build Link Diversity

When we’re talking diversity here, we’re not talking about a link to your trucking website from a dog blog. High-impact diversity links are built through multiple traffic streams online.

The links you build will depend on your industry and goals, but some great resources are relevant social media networks, blogging, video, and sponsorships. One-way links from quality high-ranking websites increase traffic, ranking, and conversion.

As with any online strategy, the key takeaway is to not put all your eggs in one basket. You will build high-quality links (that Google loves) by giving more than you are taking. Extend yourself as a helpful person who is an authority in your industry and be selective with your links. In the end, this is what will make you rise to the front of the class – instead of getting stuck wearing the Google dunce cap in the corner.


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