The Ultimate Guide to the Power of Pinterest (Infographic)

If you think that Pinterest is not meant for business and it’s just a fad for crafty moms and adventurous explorers, then you need to read this post.

The SEO Power of Pinterest

Why? The data doesn’t lie and this visual data (from over a year ago I might add) shows Pinterest as one of the top leading referral traffic generators to hit the Internet. Yes, my friends, this social media network impacts search engine optimization (SEO) and getting found online more than most businesses are willing to admit.

This infographic not only shows how Pinterest was beating Facebook and Twitter in 2012 but that the referral traffic was greater than Google+. Since then, Pinterest has taken on a cult-like following with main business target markets around the globe. And, some shared Pinterest boards have hundreds of thousands of members. Imagine posting a visually stimulating graphic for your business brand that is shared by 500+ thousand people who are not subscribed to your feed or your mailing list! How awesome!

If your demographics are aligned with this market, then it may just be time to get a Pinterest Business Page to take your SEO and social media marketing strategies to the next level.

Behold the power of Pinterest:

The Power of Pinterest Infographic

Question: Do you have a business Pinterest page? If so, share it in the comments. We would love to see it!

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