The Power of Social Trust on Your Business Success (Infographic)

To be a successful company, your customers must know, like and trust you. You’ve heard this before, right? Well, what does it mean to have your customers know, like and trust you?

The Power of Social Trust

Better yet – how do your customer’s opinions about your business impact other potential customers?

Every time your business (or even you as a person) engage with someone else, online or offline, you are building a relationship that may just sway the success of your business. But exactly how much impact they have on your bottom line may not be known – at least, not until today.

Our friends at put together this brilliant “Power of Social Trust” infographic to highlight how much other people influence their networks and how it drives the sale of products and services. Take a look. You may be surprised.

The Power of Social Inflence on Business Infographic

Keep in mind that social influence has a great deal of weight when it comes to SEO and search engine rankings. Your customers and their networks are now holding the key to your business success. Are you paying attention?


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