Personal Branding: The Power of the “Offline” Me

Personal branding is about who you are off-line as well online.

Green Bay Packers Football Image

Too many companies and people have decided to split that personality in a way so that they’re one person in public and another entirely different person at home. The problem is that we have moved from a push marketing system to a pull marketing system in which clients and customers want to get to know the real person behind the company, tweaked, blog post and so on before continuing their “relationship”.

A prime example happened just today. My husband was getting ready for work and was confused as to what to wear. Of course, this is not a normal occurrence in our house but given that we are in Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers are playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, my husband’s company is allowing the employees to throw out their dress shirts and ties for Packer sweatshirts and jeans.

Some may think this is great; that employees are able to be themselves but for those people who have decided to maintain a professional demeanor while at work, shunning there business attire for casual clothes makes them a bit nervous. Why? Because they are letting people into a part of their lives that they are not used to. In essence, they’re becoming more transparent about their “off-line” persona.

To me, this was a great opportunity for him to let his coworkers know more about him and who he is outside the office. Allowing employees to demonstrate their own individuality and become transparent with the people they work with creates a sense of unity between peers. The transparency provides an opportunity for others to get to know who you really are. Believe it or not, this can help a contractor become a full-time employee for a company.

If you’ve heard me speak before, you would know that I often use time, goals and personality when illustrating any component of personal branding or business success online. Out of my presentations, the “personality” area of my speech takes up the most time because there is so much to be said about allowing one to be open enough to truly engage and build relationships with others.

The old days of maintaining two personalities – the one on line and the one off-line – no longer exists for the successful company, entrepreneur or employee. Today it is all about getting to know other people and feeling comfortable enough to build relationships that create success for all parties involved.

Whether it be wearing a Green Bay Packers sweatshirt to the office or putting a human face as your avatar on Twitter, this transparency opens all parties to not only get to know each other a more intimate ways but create a partnership for successful future endeavors.

Although I’m a football widow, I must add… Go Pack, Go!


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