The Psychology of Human SEO. What You Need To Know for Success.

Some thought that social media would never succeed. Who would want to tell others what they had for breakfast? Who cares about what others are doing at that very moment?

Connectedness Cut Outs

Who would ever want to know what I’m thinking throughout the day? Today, we can laugh at these questions because there is no more argument that social media is here to stay. However, it’s the psychology behind social that is most intriguing because it’s what has led to Human SEOtm. And, yes my friends, you need to know about this in order to be successful online and stand out on the search engines.

The Human Side of Search – Human Needs

Social is all about human needs being met. Human beings want to feel loved, needed and cared for. It’s the drive to connect with others that has been the force behind social media success.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that there are 5 areas ranging from Physiological to Self-Actualization:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Being social both online and in-person satisfies those needs and they must be met in order to feel connected to the world around us.

The Social of Human SEO Success

In a recent article written by the Bing search engine team, they summed up the relationship between social media and SEO best by saying:

“When you overlap this social involvement with search results, and the business of SEO, you start to see why it’s important for businesses to invest in both areas. If SEO is the process of improving a website to make it better for visitors (crawlers are visitors, too), social is a means to connecting with those visitors on an emotional/personal level.”

It’s the apex of search and social that creates Human SEO. The social engages other human beings to know, like and trust the author of the content being shared online. This turns followers into champions and therefore they further share that great content with their network online – essentially feeding the search engines with content that contains intrinsic value.

The Search Engines Response to Social Media

Once content is widely shared online, it takes on a life of it’s own and becomes viral. The more a piece of content is shared, the more it’s search engine “juice”. This is called social influence and the search engines love to feed on this type of content. Why? The content is unique, fresh and popular.

How to Success in Human SEO

The only magic behind Human SEO is what you place in it. Just as in all marketing strategies, the goal is to place you in your customer or client’s shoes. Think about how they would search for you. View the world from that of your reader’s eyes and understand what that person is not only looking for at that moment but how he or she is feeling, his or her values and what goal he or she is trying to meet online.

Don’t get overloaded with technical terms or specialized in-house terminology. Unless your customer also works for your company, then leave the big technical words at the office. Instead, use words used by normal human beings in every-day conversation.

When in doubt remember; humans first, then search engines.

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