Thesis WordPress Theme Review

There are thousands of free WordPress themes available online and each blogger or website owner has their favorite.

WordPress Theme Design

Being a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant and experienced web developer, looking through all the inflated code each free theme brings is blinding and, quite honestly, frustrating.

When a friend of mine told me his website was designed with the WordPresss Thesis theme, I not only took the opportunity to learn more about it but even try to break it.

Will it allow web designer and bloggers to be as creative as they want to be with their design? Does it kill the SEO on the website or blog? Is it a web developer’s worst nightmare with inflated code? Take a deep breath and let’s answer those questions.

Thesis Design Capability

thesis-screenshot10-e1280343480149Not only is Thesis a beautifully laid out theme but it also puts the design controls in the hands of the blogger.

Out of the box, this theme gives the administrator a section in which to change design options such as site layout, post images and thumbnails, teasers, multimedia box, comments, JavaScript, fonts, colors and more! Just expand any of the areas you need to change and with a single click, you can change your blog from having 2 columns to 3 columns. Don’t like the look for 3 columns? Just click again and change it to 2 columns!

The best part about the design options is that you don’t have to be a designer or web developer to change fonts, navigation menu rollovers colors, or layout display.

All the tools you need to make changes exist with a click of a mouse.

SEO Friendliness

thesis-head-seo-e1280343620735The Thesis site options area allows any user to easily update crucial search engine friendly information such as document header, title tag settings, meta tag information, feed URL, scripts, tracking, tagging, categories and more!

Customization is available at your fingertips to tailor the theme to your SEO goals.

The Thesis theme also installed SEO friendly fields throughout your WordPress install.

When posting a new article, SEO field become available to tailor the title and meta tags for that specific post.

No more duplicate meta tags throughout your website or blog.

No Inflated Code

thesis_stylesheet_screenshot-e1280343736500Web coding is not a pretty site and it is even worse when you get a free WordPress theme that looks pretty but has horrible coding.

Themes with inflated unnecessary coding is a cause for disaster as you never know how well it will work with plugins, widgets or even the next release of WordPress.

Inflated web coding is also a huge problem with search engine optimization.

If you print out the code for your highly rich content website and it is 6 pages long, with the content showing up on page 5, then it may not be search engine friendly (SEF).

Coding should never push content to the end as search engines want to get fed right away when indexing your website or blog.

Thesis decreases code inflation and brings the content higher to the top for search engines to find it.

The customizations don’t stop there in the WordPress Thesis theme.

Administrators have access to the custom file editor to make more coding changes to the PHP, CSS and HTML of the website.

Even if you aren’t a web developer or coder, if you know the changes you want to make, just head on over to the Thesis theme’s free support section and message boards.

Another CMS developer or blogger is always willing to help out those in need.

Ultimately, the Thesis theme is one of the best themes currently on the market if you are looking for a WordPress CMS theme that is not only robust but user friendly.

Sure, it costs $87 for a personal license and $164 for a developer’s license but it is well worth the money for the amount of functionality included.

Check out the WordPress Thesis video tutorial online for yourself and try it out with their 30-day money back guarantee.

There’s nothing to lose!


Do you currently use the WordPress Thesis theme? What are your thoughts?


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