Top 10 Ways to Find Blog Post Inspiration

There isn’t a blogger alive that doesn’t want to write the best and most powerful blog post topics.

Creative Writing Inspiration

It’s our goal, as bloggers, to keep our audience passionate about their craft while providing them with high quality information and tips.

After a while though, the steam can begin to run low as we search for our muse that seems to have abandoned us at the blogging altar.

Here are 10 ways to hunt down that writing muse and get blog post ideas!

1. Read other blogs and publications. Reading the work of others is a great way to increase inspiration for your target niche. Find those blogs that really get you thinking and subscribe to them in your Google RSS Reader.

2. Get local. See what’s going on in your local neighborhood and become involved. Almost any event or top news story can be written within your niche.

3. Solicit feedback from your readers. What better way to know what your visitors want to read then asking them! Write a blog post (or a series of posts) devoted to the readers and engage them to stoke that creative passion.

4. Provide wisdom by answering questions. I get a great deal of people emailing me over at my Labrador Retriever Dog Brats Blog, asking me about anything from health to training and beyond for this specific dog breed. I answer their questions by e-mail and then create blog post topics with both the full question and my answer. You’re helping while being inspired to create more relevant content.

5. Visit niche message boards and forums. Blogging is about engaging and building relationships – so are message boards and forums. Share and engage in ideas and top relevant topics. Knowing what to write a blog post about is difficult, but the best blog posts are formed from collaboration of like minds.

6. Take note of what you search on. Given my passion for SEO, this one is huge! When you allow yourself to think like your target market, you tap into the potential to create content for your niche that doesn’t already exist. Think like those visitors that are searching for your content and let the creativity flow!

7. Share the books you read. If you read books in your target niche, begin writing book reviews. Share your true (human) thoughts on the book and how it will best help your visitors. Remember, it is all about them, not you and they want to know how you think that book is going to enrich their lives.

8. Open the doors of a closed conference. I love to attend conferences, seminars and meetups around the world. Not everyone is lucky enough to attend some of the best conferences and others may not even know about them. Share your attendance and experience at the conference. Name names and provide key take-away items from your experience.

9. Tackle the myths. So many bloggers write about the facts and tips in their niche and often forget to bring up the myths. Think outside the box and put your reader’s fears to rest with a creative spin on your next interesting blog post.

10. Write a top 10 list! Human beings are natural article skimmers and they want to get the best there is without having to read a massive blog article. Find the top 10 items in different areas of your niche and share your list. Top 10 lists help others and bloggers can usually take each of the top 10 items and write a blog post in the future on each item separately.



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