Top 5 SEO Tips for Web Development

Web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not mutually exclusive teams when it comes to building a new website.

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A successful web developer or web designer will need to utilize the tools brought to the team through SEO and social media marketing in order to create both a user and Internet friendly portal for their company or brand. There are 5 tips that every web developer should keep in mind when building a new website.

  1. Building a working partnership from the beginning – social media and search engine optimization (SEO) should not be brought into the project once the website is completely programmed. There are many areas of both that need to be considered throughout the planning and development stages in order to create a technically sound as well as aesthetically appealing website. Site architecture, meta tag data, dynamic content, demographics and more need to be discussed and implemented prior to launching a website.
  2. Developing sound and catchy content – websites need to be built for scalability so that it can grow and change with the company. Internet Marketers and SEO Consultants understand the changing landscape of the web and how communities respond to these changes. Websites must be programmed to readily share new content with social networking communities and websites.
  3. Tracking the ROI – Internet Marketers, Social Media Experts and SEO Managers love to track everything. Website programming must be built on a platform that allows for complete and compliant tracking software programs and codes that track everything from click-through to return on investment (ROI). Companies want a website that will bring in money and they need a way to track it all.
  4. Don’t wear a black hat – Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) and Social Media Optimizers (SMO) understand the best practices of the Internet and what are known to be black hat tactics. These tactics can easily get websites banned from search engines and social media networks. Tricking the search engines does not work and SEO/SMO experts will keep a website from permanent failure.
  5. Optimizing landing pages – developing a website does not stop with the first page of the site. Successful companies understand the importance of landing pages throughout the website and driving traffic to those pages. Landing pages may be company product sections, testimonial pages, company awards or the company blog. Utilize SEO/SMO experts to optimize these pages to drive traffic and ROI.

What are your thoughts on the relationship between the SEO Manager, Web Developer, Internet Marketer and Social Media Optimizer? How does your company best utilize the skills of each area of expertise?


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