Track Your Brand With Google Alerts

If you want to know what others are saying about your or your company, it’s as easy as using Google Alerts.

Google Alerts Spy Image

You can use it to keep track of people’s names, company products, headline news stories, interesting subjects or any other topic that meets your desire. This powerful tool allows you to select a few keywords and create alerts that notify you immediately, daily or weekly through your email account.

There are a number of ways Google Alerts can work for you:

  • Interesting Topics and Niches – alerts can be as diverse as your interested or specific industry.
  • Watching Your Competition – what is your competition doing? Do they have a new product or service available that may make them more of a threat or are they having financial problems?
  • Marketing Opportunities – when you write an article, you want to know who is linking to it and what they are saying about it.
  • Linking Your Blog – blog rolls and recommended reading lists are popular. Which ones are linking to your blog?
  • Domain Name – whether you have a unique domain name or it’s the name of your brand, seeing what others are saying about it will help you gain the advantage.
  • Personal or Business Names – set an alert for your own name or the name of your company and track what others are saying about you. It’s a free publicist!

Using Google Alerts will have you tracking personal and business mentions in no time. Try Google Alerts for yourself and how you can use it to stay in the loop about what people on the Internet are saying about you.


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