Video SEO: Google Trends Now Adds YouTube Data

Great news! Google Trends has added YouTube search data to its search engine algorithm data.

Google YouTube Video Trends

This is a huge algorithmic change that will help any video publishers to not only look for video titles but also to optimize their online videos better for the search engines.

On March 13th, Google Trends added data from YouTube to make it easier to use specific search terms for researching and optimization. Data was added from all the way back in 2008, giving searchers a great deal of historical performance data to help increase search engine optimization (SEO) as well as marketing competitiveness.

The best part is that Google Trends YouTube Search is simple to use.

  1. Head on over to Google Trends
  2. Type in the data you’re researching
  3. Change “Limit to” to YouTube Search

Look at how “Adele” has fared over “Madonna” since 2011:

Adele and Madonna YouTube Video Google Trends

Google Trends has always been in integral digital marketing tool used by Fortune 500s and small businesses for years. From this tool, businesses cannot only optimize their websites but also use it in their social media optimization (SMO) strategies to increase brand awareness and return on investment (ROI).

This video-based update will be the answer to many video and media questions such as:

  • What should we name our video?
  • What are the best video tags to use?
  • What’s the best description for this video?
  • Should we create a video for a specific target market?
  • What are hot video trends at this moment that we can capitalize on?
  • How can we use SEO for videos on our website?

The data never lies and now, with Google Trends, you have video data at the tips of your fingers. It’s time to bring SEO to video for your business success!


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