What It Takes for Your Website to Fail SEO

Just because your website doesn’t use black hat SEO tactics, doesn’t mean it’s practicing good SEO for success.

Dislike SEO Failure

Your business website or blog can easily fail in getting indexed, attracting links or building a solid online brand authority. Here’s some insights into the most commonly spotted website fails and how you can get out from lazy, hazardous SEO practices.

  1. Keyword Stuffing – This is normally a very widely used black hat SEO practice whereby any website content is overstuffed with the same keyword(s) over and over again. No website should ever do it. Quality SEOs understand the balance of keywords and quality content and help their clients by training them in properly keyword density strategies.
  2. Poor Quality – Never post gibberish just for the sake of posting something. Content should be quality or should not be published at all. The search engines understand that gibberish makes no sense and websites that lack quality will lack search engine placement.
  3. Doorway Pages – Ah, the black hat SEOs really loved their doorway pages in the beginning and it got them into real trouble. This tactic is when you generate many pages to target one unique phrase or keyword. In essence, this is another name for “duplicate content” which goes against Google’s Panda algorithm.
  4. Auto-generating Content – The name speaks for itself but just remember that the search engines love quality content that is unique and relevant. Give the search engine spiders something good to feed on.
  5. Attack of the Hackers – Once a hacker gets into your website, it is difficult to keep them out. Keep your software up to date and get rid of default “admin” accounts – especially on WordPress. Use “Fetch as Googlebot” to see if your website’s been hacked.

Whether you’re a website owner or marketer at a business, you want to do SEO the right way. By developing a successful SEO strategy, you’ll have a roadmap to help guide you through the search engine waters and onto success.

Question: What would you add to this SEO tip list?

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