Human SEO: What is it and Why is it Important to Online Success?

I am in the business of Human SEOtm. It always makes me laugh when I say this to someone who asks what I do for a living and watch their face contort as they try to grasp what I just said.

Woman Thinking About Human SEO

It’s not the fact that they cannot understand what the words “Human” and “SEO” mean but rather they have never heard of them together before. This always leads to two questions: 1) what is a human SEO and 2) can a SEO be human.

First, let’s recap on what exactly is search engine optimization. SEO is:

“Strategies and tactics undertaken to improve web pages so they gain a higher ranking in the search engines.” (Search Engine Genie)

Second, remember that social media networks are now feeding search engines such as Google and Bing – influencing search engine rankings.

Normally when people hear SEO, they roll their eyes or start to sweat when they think about all the black hat tactics the SEO Expert is going to deploy on their much beloved business. This is absolutely normal as 95% of all SEO Experts do take part in unethical and illegal tactics to increase search engine ranking at the risk of hurting a business’ reputation, brand or even income.

There is something to be said about being the other 5% of SEO professionals, as we believe in ethical, organic and natural SEO for both short-term and long-term goals.

So, you are probably still wondering what a Human SEO is and does.

  • My Mission: “I help businesses and organizations increase their return on investment (ROI) through human SEO and social media strategies.”
  • Human Translation: “I pair the human side of needs, wants and desires with the logical side of search engine functionality and business products/services to increase relationships and revenue.”

I often joke that I am a logical artist as I use both sides of my brain. This talent has allowed me to pair the human side of need with the logical side of search engine algorithms for the last 15 years. Therefore, I am not only a Logical Artist but also a Human SEO.

It’s the Human that builds long-term SEO strategies for businesses and organizations that helps others create success – no matter what changes search engines make to their algorithms nor what competition comes along.

I am Human SEO. I put humans first, then search engine robots.

Please note: The term “Human SEO” is a registered trademark by Shannon K. Steffen of Shannon K. Steffen International LLC.


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  • Maybelle

    What a wonderful way to put it! Thanks for sharing such information! You are right that we must stress the importance of human participation in SEO and “humanize” it in every way. In truth, the only way to beat search engines with bots running in place is to be human in the strictest sense. Just like in life, what comes around goes around, black hat seo tactics will soon crumble to the ground and companies who use such will eventually fail – not that I take pleasure in that. I wish you well on this venture!

    • Shannon Steffen

      Thanks Maybelle! I don’t take pleasure in companies failing due to black hat SEO tactics at all. I take pleasure in seeing unethical and black hat SEO “experts” fail when they are fully aware that what they are doing is wrong. Too many of my clients come to me only after they’ve been burned by scrupulous SEO “experts”.

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  • Bastian Ziege

    Oh my God. Finally I found people who trust ‘human SEO’. How about me? I don’t care about search engine robot too much. White web branding is more important to me than have to learn deep about Google Panda, Penguin, or maybe next Dinosaur.. 😀

  • Google Analytics

    Good thing that you shared that kind of information. It is really interesting. Nowadays, SEO becomes the most useful tool in optimizing a website to get a very good traffic in Google.