Where to Use SEO Keywords for Best Results

You’ve done the research and know the keywords used in your industry, business and by your customers.

Using SEO Keywords

Now it is time to put those keywords to use on your website and social media network platforms to start drawing in targeted customers and visitors. The best places to make use of those high quality, long-tailed, keywords for SEO value include:

1. Metadata Fields

Although most search engines no long value meta keywords, using your high quality keywords in your URL, page title and description are still important for organic click-though rates.

2. Highly Optimized Search Engine Friendly Pages and Blog Posts

Each page on your website should have a unique title and meta description as well as high-quality content focused on your keywords. Also incorporate them into sub-headings, image paths, image tags, URL links and breadcrumbs.

3. Website Structure and Information Architecture

Use your top keywords when building your website to incorporate them into the navigation and organizational structure.

4. Social Media Communications

The most overlooked area for keyword use and density is on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. All status updates are searchable not only through the proprietary search algorithm for that specific social media network but also for the global search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

5. Internal Linking and Anchor Text

Make it easy for visitors to navigate through your website and search on popular keyword terms. Text links and image anchor links will increase the user experience as well as search engine indexing.

6. Other Marketing Strategies

Use keywords on online and offline communications that don’t rely on SEO. This will create a consistent brand and message that follows all platforms of communication to potential customers and visitors.


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