Why Your Customers Don’t Click Your Banner Ads (Infographic)

Banner advertising may have first appeared online back in 1994 but today you’d be hard-pressed to find a website with at least one banner ads.

Who Looks at Banner Ads

Although your banners may be colorful and eye-catching, are they really converting?

Most likely, you’re not getting your money’s worth as 54% of consumers don’t trust most banner advertising that they see. If you’re like most of my clients, then you probably didn’t know that. So, that begs the question – how successful are banner ads today and are they worth more than social influence?

Prestige Marketing created a brilliant infographic to help answer your business banner ad questions. Some of the most interesting facts include:

  • 31% are worried that their Internet usage will be tracked
  • 55% are worried about getting a virus
  • 57% are afraid of receiving spam from the advertisers

Need more data on why banner ads may not be so lucrative for your business? Read on!

Who Looks at Banner Ads Infographic

If you’ve noticed, most of the reason why people don’t click on business banner ads is because of fear. This goes back to social influence and how people prefer to do business with those they know, like and trust. Build trust, the fear goes away, your SEO rankings increase and your business website conversion rate goes up.


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