Rocking the SEO at WordCamp Chicago 2010

Attending an event on harnessing the passion and technology that is blogging is one thing but taking the speaker’s podium is like winning the blogger lottery!

WordCamp Chicago 2010 Speaker Highlights

When I took the stage to speak on SEO for WordPress at WordCamp Chicago 2010, all eyes were on me to convey all my search engine optimization knowledge in a mere 45-minutes.

With coffee in hand, I dove in head first into website analysis, SEO audits and the technical challenges that blog themes could pose. Great questions came flooding in from the eager audience on permalinks, the all-in-one SEO plug-in, blog layouts, duplicate content, keyword density and more. The audience fed off my knowledge and I fed off their enthusiasm to learn SEO.

Unfortunately, time ran out before I could get to the true heart and sole of the presentation – content and link building. However, it seems the audience was very receptive and was craving for more.

Yes! I accomplished my goal – to create passion around all that is search and social media. It isn’t difficult and there are many tactics businesses, bloggers and individuals can perform on their own websites and blogs for free. It’s just that so many SEO consultants aren’t willing to share their “secret sauce”. Don’t they realize that to create passion for their craft, they must share some knowledge with others? Only then do others realize the art and science in search and social media. Only then do others crave more which builds success for all parties involved.


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This event was just the beginning of all that search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media optimization (SMO) has to offer!

Stay tuned my friends for there is so much more to come as I speak at other events!

Note: This presentation was given under the former business name, SKS Designs. My company changed names to Shannon K. Steffen International in 2015.


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