WordPress For Fast and Easy Website Building

Contrary to popular small business belief, WordPress is not just for blogging.

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Many companies, non-profits and individuals utilize the vast array of WordPress functionality to build their business website, display their graphic design or photography portfolio, build brand awareness, and more.

WordPress is what web developers call a Content Management System or CMS. A Content Management System (CMS) online is a collection method of sharing information in a collaborative environment such a website or social networking community. They are designed to:

  • Allow for a small or large number of people to contribute and share information easily
  • Limit control access to company information, based on user security.
  • Serve to easily storage and retrieve of facts
  • Improve communication between users

When you build a website, you are in fact sharing information about yourself, your organization or your company with the world. However, not everyone is an expert in web design or development – that’s where WordPress comes in.

If you need create a website and have it up in a flash, utilizing WordPress is your best option as it takes as little or a much of your time as you want. This CMS allows you to not only get your website up and running quickly but with a few very simple settings in the control panel, you can keep or remove the blog availability to give your website the look you desire.

Website Installation

How simple is it? Most webhosting companies already have WordPress available to be installed with a simply click. Just log into your webhost for your website, find the 3rd party software installs or “simple scripts”, choose WordPress and click “Install”. It’s that simple to install!

If you don’t feel comfortable about installing WordPress or don’t know where to start, you can hire a professional WordPress website specialist to help you along the process.

Website Design and Development

Want to make the WordPress look like a real website or match the existing theme of your company? Just change a few settings in the administrator panel to choose your website name, colors and layout.

If you want to really have a different feel and look to your website, just Google “free WordPress themes” and choose from the thousands that exist online. Just download the new free WordPress theme to your desktop, go to the WordPress administrator panel, find Appearance and upload the theme directly to WordPress. Then activate it under the same area.

Add a calendar to your sidebar or a list of company events. Search all the free WordPress plug-ins available to add some dynamic aspects to your website. No coding needed on most plug-ins. Once they are installed, you active them and then change their settings to best suit your needs.

Add content through pages and optional blog posts to increase the dynamic content of your website. WordPress makes organizing, updating and sharing your web content easy through portals that separate the content from the theme; therefore decreasing the chance of erroneously removing development code that may take a website down.

If you want more customization, hire a WordPress website designer to make your website stand out in the competitive online world!

Website Cost

The best part about WordPress is that it is FREE!! You can install, design and develop your own website from a very user-friendly interface that puts all the controls at the click of your mouse. The only cost you have is for domain and webhost purchasing through the website host of your choice.

Any WordPress professional will have charges involved for web site design and development but should never charge you for the WordPress program itself as it is available online for free. The only charges you will ever incur will be domain registration and webhosting, along with any professional WordPress design and development should you choose to use professional services.

WordPress is the easiest and most cost-effective way to build your website and have it available to the public fast. For more information on how you can use WordPress to grow your online exposure, please feel free to contact me.


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