Why Use WordPress for Your Small Business Website?

Since its creation in 2003, WordPress has made a significant impact on the Internet. Over 60 million websites are currently using the platform.

WordPress SEO for Business

So what makes it special? And why do you need to consider using it for your next website?

WordPress is easy to learn and use

In today’s world, you already need to know how to use many devices and apps to run your business. Let’s be honest: how much time do you really want to spend having to learn something else to update your website?

  • Simple – The WordPress Dashboard does great at making things feel familiar.
  • Relaxed – The content editor keeps a feeling that you’ll be familiar from Microsoft Word or your favorite email program.
  • Fresh -Menus can be arranged by drag and drop.
  • Smart – Need to upload a file? Drag files straight from your desktop to your website.
  • Easy – You don’t need to think like a programmer to jump right in and create amazing content.

WordPress is a great platform to extend your website

A website’s needs can change over time, especially as it grows. When you need to take things to the next level, WordPress delivers with plugins.

Like building blocks, you can add anything from photo galleries to basic e-commerce shopping carts, and much more via the growing WordPress plugin repository.

And if a one doesn’t work out for you? You can easily disable and remove them, bringing you back to where your site was before the plugin was added.

WordPress is SEO friendly

You need your company to stand out, and leveraging social media and SEO is more important than ever. Coupled with a popular design framework like Genesis, WordPress gives you the tools to easily manage all the details your website needs to stand out in search results.

And because WordPress is open source, you get the advantage of having some of the best programmers in the industry ensuring you’re using the latest in web security standards.

Maintaining a website does take work, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult. I’m always proud at how fast my clients can jump in and begin managing their website like a seasoned professional.

As WordPress moves into the future, I’m excited about the new features it will be bringing to the table. Especially as the web moves beyond the desktop screen to mobile devices, there’s no doubt WordPress becomes a very attractive option for your next web project.

Question: Are you using WordPress for your Website, or stuck with something that isn’t working for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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